A fortnight of total relaxation in the magnificent Marsa Alam, famous Egypt resort : EGYPT

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Travel review EGYPT EGYPT
A fortnight of total relaxation in the magnificent Marsa Alam, famous Egypt resort

Marsa Alam

Villaggio by night
Villaggio by night
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A fortnight of total relaxation in the magnificent Marsa Alam, famous Egypt resort

Località: Marsa Alam
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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Tour Operator: Karambola
Flight: Neos (maximum punctuality and efficiency! Great service!)
Village: Blue Reef
Total cost: 914 euro

The holiday was devoted entirely of pure relaxation! Me and my Mauri we have indeed decided to postpone the visits to archaeological sites that Egypt offers another opportunity, perhaps during a cruise organized ad hoc! The village appeared to be both very comfortable and cute, will be for the good views from the room, In any event, we greatly appreciated the hospitality and the food offered to us! Another point in favor of this village, the absence the pier for access to the reef. Before leaving, Mauri both I feared that this would have created some problems and instead, with great satisfaction, we have seen the possibility, even for us, without any experience with this and a little 'geeks, to do many, many trips out to sea in company wonderful fish without any difficulty. How wonderful not having to be forced to have ever before our eyes those hideous structures! Along with the voyage, our days were devoted to long walks along the endless beaches (you recommends the use of rubber boots!), pity the presence of waste of all kinds left with an utter disregard, hopefully not by tourists. Given the fact that we had to be a relaxing holiday, we opted for only two excursions: one in Sharm En Luli and the other in the Bay of dugong. I recommend everyone visit to Sharm En Luli, as you will see from the photos, is the Caribbean in Egypt, at least for me! Distance from the village about an hour and a half (including 25 euro lunch and drinks). Stunning backdrops, a multitude of colorful fish and almost total absence of wind to its position protected. As for the Bay Dugong ... Knowing that we had guaranteed the absence of wind, on the contrary, that day seemed to blow as hard as our village, I must say that apart from the pleasant sight of some marine turtles, the rest of the excursion was soon proved to be below our expectations for a number of reasons: large numbers of people ... I would say the overcrowding utter preventing the enjoyment of each sighting fish and so on, and above all to photograph; opportunity to receive "spinnettate in the face" if it is maintained proper distance ..., divers who plumbed the bottom makes the water cloudy .... the seabed to the surface have nothing to do with those of our Blue Reef ... and finally, no sighting of the dugong! To us that's what happened, not discourage you but I have to admit that others who had preceded us were lucky talking to the other much positively of the bay! Personally, I've never been to Egypt and I had been warned by the presence of strong wind, however, I must say that if Failure would be a problem because the sun beats strong at least until 15! The only sore point is in fact the sun sets very early, but this can not be avoided! I wish safe journey, until next story!


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