A look to the spectatcular sea of Marsa Alam, during my holidays in Egypt : EGYPT

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A look to the spectatcular sea of Marsa Alam, during my holidays in Egypt

Marsa Alam

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A look to the spectatcular sea of Marsa Alam, during my holidays in Egypt

Località: Marsa Alam
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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Having visited Sharm and Hurghada Marsa Alam we opted for this year. best choice and we could not do ...

from Malpensa on 08/21/2009 at 5 am we were already at the airport, boarding and check in via the boeing 737 ... only drawback is a delay of about 30 minutes because there was little problem might be small electric resolved immediately. (The series began to do well) wingless & beverages to about 13 and as soon as they stepped outside the plane feel an extreme heat! usual practice, passports, luggage, etc. .. would expect a coach to take us to our accommodation which is in the most beautiful bay in my opinion: Abbou Dabbab.

we chose the Abbou Dabbab diving lodge and we had a wonderful ... No internet there was much about this accommodation we relied a little luck and a bit to the reviews on TripAdvisor, and it went well!
rooms, or rather the lodge, they were very spacious, each with bathroom and air conditioning, manicured gardens and also with regard to the restaurant we always grim well, there is international cuisine and a cook who prepares the dough to your liking ...
the thing that made us choose this lodge was situated just in front of the famous beach Abbou Dabbab heaven on earth! for comparison, the other hotels here bring their guests to make trips (paying of course)!
the barrier is both the right and left very colorful and full of fish and access is like a normal beach, so no dock ... (In my opinion not quite comfortable)
is also called the bay of the dugong, but it is almost impossible to see, you must be your lucky, when we were down there the dugong, we have been told, was in the military ... nn, and then we will see the ... oh well it will be for the proper time ...

the center in the middle of the bay are Turtles, there are around 6 to be big and small, and I've tried an indescribable feeling to swim with them ...

We also spotted a guitar shark (harmless), rays, manta rays, crocodile fish, snakes, in addition to the myriad of colorful fish of every type, color and size (including nemo ...;)
We did one trip one day: Sharm el Loulé and the blue lagoon. richhe both very white sand and coral type Maldives (but in my opinion the barrier of our Abbou Dabbab is much more beautiful as it is rich in fish)
the last day (as a gift) in the morning we saw two turtles mating, which always danced ... and the late afternoon around 17 came a dolphin and swam with him! was exciting, he seemed amused, did somersaults, back and forth play with us!
al'inzio as I said we have seen is that Sharm Hurghada, Marsa Alam but it really deserves more. gave us the emotions that we will always be in our hearts.


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