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Behind the wind of Marsa Alam. Red Sea, Egypt

Marsa Alam

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Behind the wind of Marsa Alam. Red Sea, Egypt

Località: Marsa Alam
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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At first sight, Marsa Alam can not seem to be one of the most attractive places in Egypt especially after you have visited twice Sharm el Sheik, but I can assure you that once known its charm is something magnetic! Just arrived at the airport you find that it is considerably smaller but the latest construction as indeed are most of the palaces of zona.Il wind will be the first to welcome you upon your arrival is early even if we seemed annoying, sn beaches equipped for every eventuality and the area of the village was well covered by dune.Difatti we stayed for a week to VeraClub Elphistone and I must say that we were definitely better than the chains operated by the Egyptians already proven in past, for cleaning, organization and especially the animation! Indeed it is precisely that which in the absence into a village for at least the young people can be terribly boring, and the team is ahead with a nice slogan: "animation fun but not intrusive." Of course in Marsa Alam in addition to life on the beach and the village can not miss that dive! I personally recommend it to everyone to enroll in a course in diving, because it's an experience that leaves you without words, or really dumb as a fish! The sea here is so full of life that you can even admire the fact that the beach VeraClub Elphistone was located in a protected lagoon next to it and with the appropriate shoes could see the reef and get to the end of the barrier admiring his little coral and starfish of various sizes grouped together in the most nascosti.Ovviamente to make this walk must wait for the tide drops, or a few days, especially towards the evening, take a canoe to be able to navigate directly above, but with caution as some projections risks even loans! But another place to be admired for its wild nature is certainly the beach of Abu Dabab Always swim where a simple snorkelling equipment you can admire the splendid sea bottom also says that the bottom of this place some are still living specimens of dugong, a marine mammal magnificent, ancient, and especially hard to see if not with much luck and a good equipment diving or snorkeling. But I note that this beach is less sheltered from the wind than the other and then the sea is more rough and the beach over the 5-6 is impractical, we in fact after a couple of hours because we had to escape in costume and clothing light carrying felt decidedly freddo.Inoltre you can make several trips from the village, from the simplest quellle like glass boat (recommended for those who can not tolerate the mask) to visits to Cairo, Luxor etc ...
To tell the truth we had already visited Egypt Classico years ago so we have preferred to enjoy our relaxing vacation to detach from the world civilizzato.L 'only flaw of these trips to Egypt is that often you can contract viral diseases such as dysentery, I took that personally reaches 3 and now we sn andata for the fourth time I finally developed the antibodies necessari.Inoltre 1 point to the detriment of this area is the wind, which in the long run may stancare.Beh after all I can say that Just try to believe that every place will always have something that will remain written in the notebook personal journey.


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