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Località: MARSA ALAM
Regione: EGYPT
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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Egypt ...... marvel that !!!!!!!!!!! This holiday can not say any negative side, everything was beautiful including the sultriness of August that sometimes you take away the breath! I think August is the month to leave less suitable, because the thermometer a few days reached 50 degrees ..... But how unfortunate for us who do not have winter holidays, we must satisfy.
We stayed in the village of Elphistone Veratour, exceptional! The village is very large, well equipped, very clean and the animation is the "icing on the cake" for your holiday of divertimanto. In fact, the Elphistone is suitable for people who want to have fun, active people because there are thousands of activities to be done by sport games etc. ...
The thing of MARSA ALAM is that, unlike other tourist sites in Egypt is still a little 'wild, although in 2007 there were many villages under construction, the landscape that you can also admire the plane is: desert and sea! Fantastic.
We made a few trips, because we started with the idea of spending a week in the village between the sun and sea. Then we realized according to our choice was not so bad, because out of the villages there is only desert .... so much persicoloso leave without escorts.
However we have not lost a visit to the village of MARSA ALAM and the boat trip to see the beautiful coral reef!
As for the so-called "curse of the Pharaoh" (the classic dysentery of passengers) council to make a good care of lactic ferments before leaving and have little care when you can stay in the village. Us with these two simple tips we have not had any problem, but munitevi, however, antibiotics and disinfectants bowel.
Dell 'Egypt never forget the feeling you have when you exit the airport ...... the air is dry and hot and the colors ... are two: the blue sky which is the same as the heavenly sea and the yellow of the desert ... nothing! E 'a place that allows you to exit from the usual routine and dive into the deepest peace.
We spent a wonderful holiday and I hope one day to come back!


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