Marsa Alam, an oasis of peace between the desert and the sea in Egypt : EGYPT

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Marsa Alam, an oasis of peace between the desert and the sea in Egypt

Marsa Alam, El shalatayn, Sharm el Luli

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Marsa Alam, an oasis of peace between the desert and the sea in Egypt

Località: Marsa Alam, El shalatayn, Sharm el Luli
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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Livingston flight from Malpensa airport on time, take off at around 6:00 in the morning (at the airport at night) and landing after about 4 hours, Marsa Alam (literally the "port of the flag") in late morning. Tour operator: Planet Earth.

In this time of year the weather is windy, the temperature during the day is around 26 degrees at night while some are cool. The ideal is to wear a wetsuit for snorkelling because, after a while 'of time spent in water, it inevitably starts to feel cold.

As a first suggestion, if I have to be honest, I would say not to go to the resort since it provides adequate services for the price for several reasons: the beach (very small), rooms (a little 'run-down, particularly in some wings of the village, The best are those with sea views), food of poor quality, extra payments for everything .... good note, a good cleaning, excursions and local guides throughout the Egyptian staff always very polite and smiling with visitors. The animation is not intrusive and overall almost nonexistent ...

Among the best Italian tour operators in this town certainly SETTEMARI (Blue Lagoon and Dream Lagoon) and Veratour (Elphistone).

Unfortunately, I realized, from the growing number of buildings under construction and the large amount of tourists, Italians and Russians in the low season, Marsa Alam is likely to soon become a second Sharm El Sheikh, so hurry to see her as soon as possible .

I tried to explore the local culture by choosing some of the excursions, in my opinion, more deserving and suggestive.

Do not miss the visit of EL SHALATEN (the black earth), about 300 kilometers from Marsa Alam, on the border with Sudan. Tracks suitable for those who love the strong flavors of Africa and those wishing to discover the genuine folklore of a genuine market for camels, and here you can attend to trade them with negotiations remained unchanged for centuries. If you want to bring pens and candy will do a little happy 'of children who will encounter trying to sell necklaces and other items of local handicrafts. After returning with a bathroom break in the bay of mangroves.

Equally worthy of interest is the hike to the beautiful beach of Sharm el Luli, a charming park, marine reserve fishing grounds rich and colorful, white beaches and turquoise waters in the Caribbean style as the Turtle Bay.

Buon viaggio a tutti e. .. do not forget fins, mask and snorkel reef because it deserves!


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