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Marsa Alam: where the desert meets the sea

Marsa Alam, Shelatin, El Quseir, Abu Zreib, Abu Dabbab

La costa del Mar Rosso
La costa del Mar Rosso
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Marsa Alam: where the desert meets the sea

Località: Marsa Alam, Shelatin, El Quseir, Abu Zreib, Abu Dabbab
Regione: Red Sea
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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By Luca, Sabrina and Federico


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We definitely feel lucky, because today, for the third time in this calendar year, we are ready to leave for a trip.
The day should be starting very soon, very soon indeed already three in the morning to the sound of the alarm us blows and promptly leave the blankets ... there is no time to lose because we have to be before 6:00 at Verona, then stand out clearly from where the flight to Egypt and more particularly for the towns of Marsa Alam on the shores of the Red Sea.
Everything was already ready and not spend a lot to take off on board of our blue point (usually the grandparents accompany us but as a result of the occorsogli in Sweden, the camper is not yet available).
At 3:53 we leave the house and one quarter of an hour later take the highway to Faenza. We are all excited to meet this new adventure but sleep a little obscure 'ideas and do not express openly. Especially Frederick seems rather dazed and proceed shipped, in darkness, towards the north of Italy, accompanied by a mild outside temperature next to twenty degrees centigrade, quite unusual for the period.
At 4:30 we passed near Bologna Marconi airport, from which this time we failed to start due to the unavailability of seats on the flight back, and then around 5:00 we arrive in Modena, with Sabrina and that Frederick already blessed sleep.
It starts to rain (it was expected) ... rather to downpour 5:30 near Mantua, then stops when, half an hour later, we exit from a Sommacampagna, in sight of the Valerio Catullo Verona.
The sky of a gray day is slowly clearing up as we reach the parking agreement with the agency. We leave the car in storage and a handful of minutes later we are in the departures hall, where we meet (this is new) our traveling companions: Daniela (my colleague) and Nicholas, his son (not the oldies).
After the greetings ritual we appear to Alpitour bench, the same as flying (our tour operator), which deliver the summons sheet. In return we get tickets to deal with check-in. The plane seems to be on time: past the metal detector, do a quick breakfast and then cross the number four door beyond which lies the bus to arrive at the ladder that allows us to board the Boeing 737 of the airline Neos. Thus, a slight delay while it rains to divert the flight No6658, assigned Marsa Alam, and we shall share with him.
In the distance, between the dense mist, s'intravedono the shores of Lake Garda, and we then viriamo system on the right course, while it appears to us under the city of Mantova. Immediately after entering in the clouds and there remain long, loads of turbulence. They emerge for a short period of time sight Marche coastline with the city of Ancona and the Conero all, then there rituffiamo in the white mass of water vapor.
When later reappears, this time completely free of clouds, the land can not guess which region is also the legendary Meteors recognize and understand that we are flying over Greece. Tap c'inoltriamo Athens and the Aegean, we pass over the island of Crete and continue on the Mediterranean.
A little more than an hour after sighted the coast of Africa and Egypt. In short our feet unravels the shocking and amazing view of the desert: vast desolate landscape, interrupted only dall'incredibile strip of green that covers the banks of that great and legendary river is the Nile.
The airplane at this point begins to fall for quota until the extraordinary sight of the Red Sea shore, an area that creeps like a knife, from north to south for over two thousand kilometers in the desert landscape that characterizes this region of the globe. Geographically divides the African continent from Asia and politically its banks belonging to seven states: Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt specifically, the nation among them, perhaps now more accessible to tourism, given the delicate international situation, due to friction between the West and Islamic extremism.
At 13:16 local time (one more than Italy) landed in the brand new international airport of Marsa Alam, a tourist resort located in the south, about five hundred kilometers from the border with Sudan. Outside there is an optimal temperature (32 degrees), accompanied by a slight breeze and it seems a dream, recalling the flood this morning in Verona. It 'a pleasant feeling that is, if anything, to alleviate the hardships caused by the inevitable queues to pass the customs and the subsequent waiting to board the coach that will lead us all'Amaraya Club (where to stay for the duration of our trip ).
Finally, almost to 14:30 we take to follow the road that runs in the direction of and along the 39 kilometers of the route we can not help but notice the many tourist villages under construction: should not exaggerate in granting permits, to avoid damaging hopelessly that even this place, in large part, is still unspoiled ... Then there is the Amaray Club, incorporated into the complex of Kahraman whose core is located on the seashore. Our village, however, already know, is located a few hundred meters inland, but is still nice and welcoming.
Lunch (or snack do, given the time) then we reach the room 1117, wear an appropriate and kept us went in the pool, while they are just past 16:00 and the sun, already low on the horizon, are no longer hot.
Daniela, tires for the trip, it was defiladed, instead we will enjoy a swim in the pool surrounded by staggering the desert and do a partitella at water polo, which Federico enjoys sitting on my shoulders, having fun and "marking" even three goals.
In short, the evening and the darkness take over, so we go in the room and almost immediately leave to attend the briefing ritual: in this case very useful because the surrounding area can be visited virtually alone on a trip organized. It seems that it can also go to the famous "Dolphin Bay" (recently closed for unspecified reasons, the Egyptian authorities) and write an excellent weekly program, however, linked to the availability of other persons to participate, as the minimum number of un'escursione participants to be fixed, inderogabilmente, to six.
Highly doubtful to fully succeed in our aim we go to dinner (again in four, because Daniela is apparently not too well), then do a walk to the hotel Kahraman and its beach, which in part is also "our", finally , to return, found that this evening there will be entertainment, we will withdraw in the room and, exhausted dall'interminabile day, in a very short time we reach the world of dreams.
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Even at 7:00 the alarm starts to play repeatedly: it is not easy getting up on holiday to certain times, but here in the evening sun goes down early and build as much as possible the day we must inevitably start as early in the morning.
Let's have breakfast and a few minutes before 8:30 we are, backpackers, at the hotel waiting for the bus that will accompany us to the beach of Abu Dabbab, nearby. Daniela and Nicola have not yet emerged from their room, so I send an SMS and shortly after, when the coach comes, we start our first real day in Marsa Alam.
The Abu Dabbab inlet, located about ten minutes by bus north of the hotel is owned by Kahraman and therefore there is nothing to go there, it's sheltered from the winds, offers a good access to the sea and, according to the news in our possession, it should also have a beautiful coral reef.
When we arrive the place is still almost desert, some local fishermen are intent to spread their net to the left limit of the bay, so we choose the position that pleases us most and we systemically, blissfully, in the sea.
Shot some photos: The beach is beautiful but not particularly scenic, as we know the rest ... the wonders of the Red Sea, more than anything else, are underwater. So do not waste any more time: wear mask and snorkel and go to explore the coral reefs of Abu Dabbab.
Just the look dived between the waves around us we see many colorful fish and surgeon, then spotted an unusual race and follow the wonderful conformations that develop towards the open sea, on the left dell'insenatura, more fish and increase the feeling of swimming in an aquarium is incredibly real ... that show!
All excited to go back to the shore and seeing Egyptian fishermen who, in the meantime (in less than an hour), they did loot and managed to fill literally fish a small boat, then systemically us for a while 'on the beds: c' is a beautiful sun, a pleasant breeze blows and you are divinely ... We hope they are as well our fellow travelers, who have meanwhile responded to the message letting us know that for now remain within the village.
Remain for a while 'on idle and then go back to snorkeling, but this time not on the reef, but on the sandy bottom that extends to the center of the bay in front of us, where it seems there is a good chance of encountering turtles, but especially the curious dugong.
Also called "sea cow, the dugong is a mammal endangered large, which can reach three meters in length, belonging to the order of sirenidi such as the manatee (which lives in fresh water) and with this 's is, in practice, the only animal of its aquatic species exclusively herbivorous diet.
We do a long swim but even the animals above the shadow, then fed back to the shore to dry, then I go with Federico along the beach to take some pictures and soon we reach Sabrina running: it seems to have spotted the dugong and an Egyptian guide, for 3 euros and 50, would also accompany us to the spot.
Let's go back in water and almost immediately find a group of divers, one of them turns his gaze upwards with the thumb and I am an eloquent gesture ... shortly after, in fact, the intense in the distance appears the silhouette of the dugong. With the heart that beats for the thrill we get it while he is quiet to "graze" on the bottom, then re-emerges to breathe and let it touch ... is an incredible experience! It does not seem true to be able to swim in his company and stay for a while 'by it: it's funny with that big muzzle bearing lips and fins stay with those that used to move almost on the sandy bottom Gattoni.
We take some pictures and then leave in peace on our new "friend", but not satisfied and ask if the guide takes us to see the turtles ... Beckoned us to follow in the short and here's a big under us, but too deep to be photographed. Let's go back to shore so we meet again dugong that emerges and it is precisely then that Sabrina and Federico can touch: we are all really excited and I do not ever forget this day and the beach of Abu Dabbab.
The time has flown and it is now too late to take the 13:15 shuttle ... little evil, the lunch served until 15:00 and make the next. Meanwhile we enjoy for a while 'the pleasant breeze of the Red Sea.
At 14:15, punctual, arrived on the bus and one quarter of an hour later we all'Amaraya. Then have lunch, walk, reach Blondie Beach, the beach of the village: we are in search of friends, but they are, then go back on our feet and be content Federico, who asked to go swimming in the pool.
Daniela finally meet, but not Nicholas, who is in the room to rest: there lettini systems on a little while the chatter is first claimed by the mini-club and soon will "deal", as it is eager to make the desired bath. Remains so long in water that, in the meantime, I go on the nearby hill to capture the sunset and leaving only when it is completely dark, with the moon and the stars shining high in the sky.
The quiet evening spent with the spectacle of introduction set up dall'animazione, which will also Nicholas and I, as interpreters of a short skit, then we stop to smoke a Narghile and put the word worthily on the front end, memorable day in Marsa Alam.
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Have already spent forty-eight hours after the departure of the trip but this is the first real day of vacation and are going to inaugurate the event giving réception, after breakfast and just before 8:30, with Daniela and Nicola on board the shuttle that we accompanied by Abu Dabbab. The place we liked so we decided to spend this morning, pending the first trip, which will start today at 14:00.
We placed in the same umbrella of yesterday and our comrades, impatient, go immediately to do snorkeling. The return is indisputably enthusiastic and openly manifest, then let us, who aggregates Nicola and now ... doubles. We observe the same beautiful scenery of the previous day along the colorful barrier, which this morning seems particularly "infested" by the "fish house (which we, of course).
I love, as usual, the show unconscious incident that I am the captain during a brief dive feel a thick ... is the meniscus of the right knee that is damaged again (an old story back to the surface). The pain is not very strong and continuing in the visit, but the water supports the weight of my body, which does not make the air and once returned to the shore I realize that walking goes bad ... limping visibly angry and, we hope that only passes quickly and that the holidays are not ruined irretrievably.
Ce went to 12:30, while his friends remain: go up on the shuttle and when you get all'Amaraya we go to lunch.
A little more than an hour passes quickly and at 14:00 we were again at the reception until you leave to the discovery of El Quseir, a town of respectable size located hundreds of miles north along the coast.
The knee pain is bearable so confident, we start at the preset. About halfway through we stop at the Bravo Club (Alpitour): we aggregate to other people, go up about half of the most capacious and continue along the road that borders the Red Sea.
A few minutes after 15:00 and arrive at your destination, along roads flanked by crumbling buildings, let's start the visit of the city from a typical mosque, flanked by the most classic minarets. Descend from the coach to take some photos and now we are meeting different children: they do a ballpoint pen and the sweets that end up arguing and sorry that this happen, but unfounded and the price to pay for them in some way happy.
Federico, who are still not aware of some really amazed watching the behavior of his peers while back to go up on us means that this time the orthodox church of Santa Barbara, a few blocks away. He sufficiently impressed to see a bell among many minarets, but (know that in just a few) in Egypt more than 6% of the population is Christian.
The next stop in a walk semidiroccato ex-Italian neighborhood: the beginning of last century, in fact, in El Quseir was a phosphate factory installed by our own countrymen. The site, among other things, is still, in part, inhabited by people who live in clear conditions of extreme poverty.
Step by step I follow the group slightly arrancar ... so we arrive at the seafront of the town where there are some typical buildings and premises in which we are being offered a drink, while the cries echo in the muezzin, who calls the faithful gathered for evening prayer.
Now it is dark when the bus, passing around of the Ottoman fortress, we reach a main street full of shops in which to do some 'shopping, so we buy, and pulling on the price, a large Narghile and there we go into negotiations undertaken to buy some t-shirt ... nothing strange, everything is part of the great "game" on trade, typical of Egypt and many other countries of the Maghreb.
Resume at 18:30 of the road, that we arrive around 20:00, under a magnificent starry. Dinner and, despite the knee of my continuing to do as strangely, we confirm all the trips for the coming days, including tomorrow, the hardest, which provides an alarm at 5:00 am.
Here is an entertaining cabaret show and soon we will withdraw in the room, so as to compensate for the missing hours of sleep, but we remember also the day that just ended, all things considered, it is positive (meniscus in part): the area of Marsa Alam, in fact, has not yet been affected by mass tourism, and today we have seen the harsh reality of a real city in Egypt.
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The alarm signals even before the sun rise: they are just past 5:00 and we expect the start of movement that will take us to about two hundred kilometers from the border with Sudan, in the town of Shelatin, where he takes every day the most important market for camels (dromedaries to be precise), the south of Egypt.
Un po 'drowsy do breakfast at 6:15 and we appear to réception where, punctual, arrived on the bus already full of tourists, to which we belong.
We begin to travel the coast road that runs to the south, facing the first of three hundred kilometers separate us from that goal and in short we are passing through the center of Marsa Alam, the tiny town that uses the name in the entire area. Its fate, however, seems to be to grow dramatically in the near future, judging by the tree-lined streets and multi-lane roads that pass through.
Let us proceed further and shipped with the view that sweeps left on the banks of the Red Sea, dotted with mangroves, and right sull'immenso Eastern Desert, reaching about half-way through, in a village that appears out of the world. We stop and descend from the coach: there is a café and a convenience store next to it sells everything and anything, but especially dried dates ... dry skin as wrinkled old behind the counter. From nothing then check out a girl who watches us fear: the gift pen, and at that moment becomes the most successful of the world, this strange and unjust world in which wealth and fortune you can not just say that distributed uniformly ... Finally the shooting a picture in the company of Frederick (two human beings at this time so close, but in reality so far), then go back on the bus, in our air-conditioned, comfortable and resume the journey.
Around 10:00, after passing several checkpoints, we arrived at the outskirts of Shelatin, where it seems that the known world ends ... in fact from there onwards it began another: that of Black Africa fascinating.
First we made to visit a typical Bedouin tent, clearly prepared for tourists, because in reality the ancient nomadic desert people today live in rather dilapidated shacks (with the satellite dish on the roof, but crumbling ).
After a brief stop on the bus and go back, past the fishermen's village (which is nothing exceptional), we approximate the area of the market: it is understood by many Sudanese folk truck, loads up all'inverosimile wide variety of goods, that their drivers are so far to trade (Shelatin is, in fact, even a kind of port).
Brings us in the place where the camels are visited and tagged before being put up for sale, the so-called "Quarantine" means a masonry enclosure teeming with animals and men who look like anything but veterinarians. The place is very distinctive, but not because the market itself that we reach after: original and absolutely not a stunt for tourists. Groups of human beings and groups of camels were located in apparent random order on a vast square in clay and animal dung, which is none other than the place where he takes this route from time immemorial. The visit and the tide of children around us, grows out of any disputes, and what is offered.
One after another deal all experiences of this interesting trip, as a stopover to see the area in which, through a rudimentary plans for loading, the camels are being pushed, and sometimes physically hoisted on board the trucks for their transport .
After spending almost the whole morning in close contact with animals in the desert for excellence on the bus go up and reach what should be the center of Shelatin. Here we visit the traditional market, but not distinctive and beautiful, who knows for how long, extremely original, including the intense smells, the carts pulled by donkeys, heads degl'animali slaughtered placed in open view on the desks ... and flies, to hundreds per cubic meter of air!
Marked by the view of reality so distant from us in the best lunch restaurant Shelatin: half star (dwarf) on the "Guide Michelin" ... A decent meal, however, including a taste of camel meat: good, but Richard has refused to eat. In the end, before boarding the bus and take the way back, we find the courage to tackle the bathrooms of the local ... a place where you would find difficulty in even the mythical Mastro Lindo, but we, fearless, also pass this test!
Begin to reverse along the road already addressed this morning, which runs along the banks of the Red Sea, and shortly after turning on the right for Berenice (the legendary and ancient port settlement founded in 275 BC, which today only a few ruins remain), we stop at a Bedouin village, to air in the waters that bathe the nearby beach.
The creek, very deep and mangrove trip, however, looks more like a lagoon, the depth is low and sandy, the reef is completely absent and the water, far from crystal clear, no invites us to take a bath , so we just take a walk and observe the local girls to our arrival, in the blink of an eye, they proceeded to organize a small market of costume jewelry.
The pitiless sun descends towards the horizon and it is already dark when, at 17:30, arrive all'Amaraya, this does not prevent me and Richard to make a relaxing bath in the pool. When we leave out exchange chat with Daniela and Nicola and then go up in the room to prepare for dinner, and then, later, we (very few) put the show on stage dall'animazione, after which it went to rest ce members: we would expect, of course, another trip and we intend to address it in the best possible way. Meanwhile we enjoy the memory of that just ended: an interesting experience, which has put us in contact with the raw reality of life in this remote corner of the world.
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This morning to go big, with an alarm that gives us one more hour of sleep than yesterday, so we get up at 6:00 and after breakfast at 7:15 we are presenting at the hotel, where we expects the jeep in which we planned the trip in the Eastern Desert.
Five other guests dell'Amaraya rise with us in the means and, in the company of a guide and driver, we take to follow, this time, the coastal road heading north. Beyond the airport and a few tens of miles before El Quseir, turn left onto a track that goes into the desert. Before us now there is another off-road run by a guide, particularly expert in the area.
Proceed among countless jump that does not just enjoy the small, moving up a sort of valley-gravel, but unfortunately the sky is overcast and a thick gray haze makes the landscape. In short we come upon a small hill and we stop to admire what should be a beautiful panoramic view, but it seems to be in the Po valley and fog prevented an unusual to see everything.
I lament the situation with the weather and this guide tells me that today is a good day to come to the desert, so you avoid suffering from the heat ... answer that today is a bad day to make photographs and that if I wanted to show really cool ... well, then I was safely home! I do not know what strange powers that man has the clouds ... or more probably only the case, the fact is that shortly after, while the desert to flow back under the wheels of our car, suddenly the sky opens and out comes the sun overbearingly. The blue hour ago backdrop for all views, disappeared while acacia trees contrast beautifully with the hues of the surrounding landscape, ranging from black to yellow (the desert of Sinai, that Sabrina and I have seen a few years ago, is more colored but also knows how to be charming).
"Road" by arrive at the bottom of a gorge that is converted into a small canyon, and we will walk a short distance: the Eastern Desert of Egypt is a rocky desert, which differs a lot from the classical one has that kind of environment , ie with high sand dunes shaped by wind, in this encompasses most geographical boundaries in its mountains that exceed even the thousand meters in height. Moreover there are different kinds of deserts, whose common denominator is, in absolute terms, the lack of water on the surface.
The presence of water underground, often detected by an incredible sixth sense of camels, establishes whether or not the birth of a Bedouin encampment, as that to which we direct. At our arrival, however, to tell the truth, everything is too beautiful, too clean and tidy to be true and understand, especially after being a Shelatin, that this is a shameless stunt for tourists, but the surrounding landscape, full of charm is genuine and we adjust to the situation.
Under the traditional tent there is offered tea and coffee, while we listen to the guidance that c'illumina about the habits and customs of nomadic people of this famous and meanwhile, in turn, feel the thrill of making a short walk to the back of camels.
At noon we are offered a good lunch, after which, with such bounce, take the path of return.
In about forty minutes regained the paved road and almost immediately we stop at the beach in Abu Zreib for snorkeling and spend some 'time on the seashore. E 'wide cove, sandy and unspoilt, but will not remain so long, in fact, there is already a project to build, all around, a luxury spa five stars ... sin! Meanwhile, we enjoy his coral reef, which is one step below that of Abu Dabbab and transparency of water leaves something 'to be desired. We are thus a little 'disappointed and we pause to forfeit the last warm rays of the sun, before addressing the remaining stretch of road that divides us from the hotel.
It 'almost dark when we arrive all'Amaraya, but Richard also wants to do a swim in the pool, then the usual story: Room for dinner and to see the evening show, while Sabrina feels strange and somehow acusa maleaugurante pain bassoventre .
More briefcase has passed away, all things considered, well, even though, in many respects, today we have not attended one of the best trips that I remember and everything could be done in only half-time, devoting the rest of the day at sea and its wonders ... but, as they say, not all succeed donuts with the hole ...
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I maleauguranti dolori di ieri sera preannunciavano la cosiddetta "vendetta di Tutankhamon" che si è consumata, inevitabilmente, alle prime luci dell'alba e ha risparmiato completamente il solo Federico. I beduini, inconsciamente, ci hanno quindi voluto lasciare questo piccolo omaggio.
La più colpita è Sabrina che, in evidente difficoltà, è indecisa se partecipare o meno al programma di visite odierno, ma si tratta di un'escursione breve, di poco più di mezza giornata, e alla fine propende per il sì, anche perché saremo accompagnati per la prima ed ultima volta da Nicola e Daniela.
Alle 8:15 prendiamo il via, di fronte alla réception, a bordo di un fuoristrada diretti a sud. Oltrepassiamo Marsa Alam e raggiungiamo la spiaggia di Awlad Barka, nota per la sua barriera corallina. Lì ci equipaggiamo di tutto il necessario per fare snorkeling, Sabrina però non se la sente e decide di attendere il nostro ritorno sui lettini che si trovano nell'arenile prospiciente il tratto di mare interessato, mentre Federico è felicissimo perché ha trovato, finalmente, un paio di pinne della sua misura ed ora si sente un vero e proprio subacqueo. Io invece, ingobbito dai dolori addominali che ogni tanto mi assalgono e zoppicante causa il ginocchio malandato, assomiglio più che altro al Gobbo di Notre Dame in vacanza premio sulle rive del Mar Rosso, ma stoicamente resisto.
Saliamo su di un gommone che ci porta di poco al largo della costa, in prossimità della barriera corallina, e ci tuffiamo mentre a breve distanza da noi fa capolino dall'acqua la testa di una tartaruga, della quale perdiamo però quasi subito le tracce. Osserviamo allora il reef intorno a noi: i numerosi coralli sono vivi e meravigliosamente colorati, la fauna ittica invece non abbonda e la trasparenza del mare lascia un po' a desiderare ... anche Awlad Barka, in definitiva, è un gradino al di sotto di Abu Dabbab.
Nuotando e sospinti dalla corrente riguadagniamo la riva ed emergiamo dall'acqua un po' delusi, non che il posto sia brutto, tutt'altro, i riflessi cristallini del mare qui sono splendidi, ma ci si aspettava qualcosa in più, visto e considerato che è meta di un'escursione organizzata.
Raggiungiamo così Sabrina, che nel frattempo è peggiorata e se ne sta rintanata all'ombra presa da forti dolori addominali: peccato, cercava tanto il sole e oggi che poteva prenderlo tranquillamente è impossibilitata a farlo!
Poco dopo mezzogiorno ci rechiamo a pranzo in un locale nelle immediate vicinanze, inglobato all'interno di un villaggio molto spartano, frequentato più che altro da turisti tedeschi, poi riprendiamo la strada dell'hotel, dove arriviamo intorno alle 14:30.
Federico corre subito in piscina e poco dopo lo seguo anch'io. Il resto del pomeriggio scivola via senza infamia e senza lode, con il piccolo assoldato dal mini-club, il sottoscritto a giocar le carte e con Sabrina, che accusa anche qualche linea di febbre, a dormire all'ombra per tutto il tempo, fin quando, a sera, non si trasferisce direttamente a letto: la temperatura è salita ulteriormente ed ora supera addirittura i trent'otto gradi.
Federico ed io andiamo a cena con gli amici e alla fine portiamo qualcosa anche a Sabrina, che pare gradire e forse questo è il primo segnale d'inversione di tendenza delle sue condizioni.
Più tardi, noi reduci, andiamo alla spiaggia del Kahramana dove questa sera si tiene la festa beduina: pagando dodici euro si poteva partecipare (cena inclusa), ma noi andiamo solo a vedere e ce ne chiedono cinque ... è una vergogna, mai c'era capitato di essere ospiti di un hotel e di dover pagare per assistere ad una festa da lui organizzata! Per principio rinunciamo di versare l'obolo e torniamo all'Amaraya, fumiamo il narghilè e poi andiamo a letto: speriamo domani vada meglio. Intanto la prevista escursione alla "Dolphin House", o "Baia dei Delfini" (forse, fra tutte, la più importante), è stata definitivamente annullata perché le autorità egiziane hanno nuovamente vietato l'accesso al luogo e se da un lato questo mi manda su tutte le furie, dall'altro ci toglie l'imbarazzo della scelta se prendervi o meno parte, viste le condizioni di Sabrina!
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La nottata è passata abbastanza tranquilla e all'alba dell'ultimo giorno intero a Marsa Alam Sabrina non ha più né la febbre né i dolori, ma dice di essere stanchissima. Per sua "fortuna" non sono previste particolari fatiche, visto l'annullamento dell'escursione, e dopo colazione ci presentiamo all'uscita dell'hotel decisi, comunque, a chiudere in bellezza la vacanza.
Complice l'impossibilità di accedere alla "Baia dei Delfini" parecchie persone l'hanno pensata come noi e una navetta non basta, ma ne servono almeno due per accompagnarci tutti ad Abu Dabbab, che, probabilmente, è proprio la più bella spiaggia dei paraggi.
Ci sistemiamo in riva al mare a goderci il caldo abbraccio del sole e la piacevole brezza che spira costantemente da nord-est, mentre Federico gioca con Martina, la sua amichetta di questa vacanza, spesso accompagnata dal fratellino più piccolo Raoul (il "microbo", com'è stato soprannominato dai due).
Sabrina si dedica, finalmente alla tintarella ed è un notevole progresso ripensando alle condizioni in cui era soltanto ieri sera. Io invece non resisto sdraiato sul lettino e quasi subito vado a fare snorkeling: il reef di Abu Dabbab è, senza ombra di dubbio, uno dei più belli dell'intera zona e resto a lungo ad osservare i coralli brulicanti di pesci, fra i quali spicca una grossa murena, poi mi dirigo più al largo ed incontro due splendide tartarughe che pasturano tranquillamente sul fondale sabbioso. Aspetto che una risalga per respirare: la fotografo, le accarezzo il guscio e nuoto insieme a lei ... è una sensazione straordinaria! Preso dall'entusiasmo però non mi rendo conto di essere in acqua già da diverso tempo, e sono anche solo: ad un certo punto mi sento girar la testa e un piccolo attacco di panico mi assale, così abbandono la mia "amica" improvvisata, prendo a nuotare velocemente verso riva e torno ad essere più tranquillo solo quando, poco dopo, posso rimettere i piedi saldamente a terra ... però, che incredibile esperienza!
Torno a sdraiarmi al sole giusto il lasso di tempo necessario a riprender fiato ed il piccolo mi chiede di accompagnarlo a fare il bagno: lo accontento e, in compagnia di Daniela, ripercorriamo un bel tratto di barriera corallina, poi, una volta riemersi, facciamo una passeggiata sul lato sinistro dell'insenatura alla ricerca di nuovi scorci da inserire nell'album dei ricordi. Il tempo vola e al nostro ritorno le lancette dell'orologio, impietose, segnano già le 14:00: è ora di andare ... Salutiamo Abu Dabbab e torniamo all'Amaraya.
Il resto del pomeriggio lo passiamo sui bordi della piscina, con Federico che se ne sta tutto il tempo al mini-club, divertendosi fra l'altro tantissimo a fare una grande caccia al tesoro per tutto il villaggio, mentre io vengo ingaggiato per fare alcune scenette: così questa sera farò il "buffone" di fronte a tutti (per fortuna pochi) gli ospiti dell'Amaraya!
Dopo il mini-club il piccolo va in piscina e ne esce solo quando la luna è alta in cielo e brillano le stelle, intanto Sabrina, che ha recuperato almeno il settanta per cento della condizione, sale in camera e comincia a sistemare le valigie, in previsione dell'imminente partenza.
La serata, imperniata sullo spettacolo di cabaret (un discreto successo, di fronte ad un pubblico più numeroso del solito), si conclude attorno al tavolino con al centro il narghilè, poi tutti a letto: domattina la sveglia è prevista presto per non perdere l'opportunità di fare ancora un bagno nelle acque del Mar Rosso.
caratteri piccoli caratteri medi caratteri grandi

Five minutes after 7:00 we already have breakfast and walk half an hour later, backpackers, in the direction of Blondie Beach, the beach of Kahraman and dell'Amaraya.
The sea today and more motivated than usual, so Sabrina, still convalescent, also surrendered to the bathroom. I just do not fit, I go the same (at least to finish the underwater photos), but I feel I also bring Federico and me alone Nicola.
Descend from the jetty just beyond the barrier: the waves are really big, and although the place is beautiful and the fish out there, is not sympathetic to remain at the mercy of the sea, just click the photo and after no more than one quarter of an hour regained ground. To remedy we go then, furtively, to make a bathroom nell'enorme pool of several layers of Kahraman, but the water, perhaps because it is cold and this explains why the tank is half empty.
Are already almost 9:00 and we decide to return all'Amaraya so as to allow Frederick to make one last bath before leaving ... In fact, time is very short and soon we find ourselves in a room close the bags.
11:00, punctual, we leave the hotel by bus line to and during the journey the assistant flying is recommended to avoid trouble at customs, not to bring sand, shells or corals.
Frightened by some speeches, first to cross the entry or departure, take away from the two small bags of sand bags that were brought to add to our collection and disappointment that we see that, shortly after, which would be passed without any major problems .. . not to go, however, for safety reasons, are a pair of scissors that Daniela had forgotten to remove from your hand luggage.
The waiting room is overflowing Italians departing for the various airports of the peninsula, while gl'ipertecnologici Egyptians, who do not have any sign (whether electronic or manual), they start to call, through the only door available, all departing flights simply a voice, but not with the aid of a loudspeaker, but a screaming squarciagola ... The resulting chaos is inevitable and the delay as well!
Over an hour after the estimated time c'imbarchiamo finally No6659 flight on a Boeing 737 airline Neos that detaches from the land of Egypt to 15:15, with destination Verona.
In the short climb to altitude while below us s'intravede the desert, hidden by a dense haze that later turns into a real body Cloudy. We thus leave behind the African continent because, just after sunset, when we return to spot land, this is already the most accurate and minds of the Greek island of Zakynthos. And still not see the coasts of the Bel Paese with clearly visible, a large port city, probably Taranto, then, thanks to the navigation system, we recognize and Pescara Foggia.
Over the whole of central Italy and just above some clouds in Forlì barriers between us and the earth ... Un'avvisaglia are, because a few moments later fly within an intense disturbance and emerge only a few hundred meters above the ground: in Verona there is a time to be wolves, strong rains, so that water runs along the side windows, the wind and pulls the plane waves fearfully, but landed safely at 18:35, in the middle "dell'entusiasmante" padano autumn!
Would want to turn heel and return the share, but we have no alternative, we must necessarily go down, even if the mere thought of having to make par there feeling the moisture which penetrates and invades the limbs.
Collect your luggage and, after greeting friends, at 19:30 we are already comfortably seated at the edge of our blue point with the bow toward home. An hour later, at 20:30, we are in Modena and Bologna at 21:00, and the blessed little sleep on the back seat of the car.
The rain does not abandon us a long time almost all the way, then finally the plate when, around 21:30, we are preparing to leave the Faenza. Now the number of kilometers traveled have been very few and a handful of minutes later, at 21:48, ends at the gate of our house this trip ... Not one of the most successful trips that I remember, from the damaged meniscus to end the "vengeance of Tutankhamen," and to more intensive canceled the "Bay of Dolphins", but Egypt has a special charm and Marsa Alam is the confirmation because it is another beautiful place where the arid desert meets the blue sea ... and sea! So, despite everything, this time we come back with a suitcase load of extraordinary memories that help us to be optimistic for the future and think that the next trip will certainly be more fortunate than this.
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