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Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam

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Marsa Alam

Località: Marsa Alam
Regione: Red Sea
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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A week of sea between the great barrier reef in the Red Sea and a bit of culture and archeology in the Egyptian desert to Luxor.

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Flight Cagliari - Rome - Marsa Alam via Malpensa (!?)

Stefania and I have chosen this journey to the relying BLUE HOLIDAYS proposing an ALL INCLUSIVE price of 590 euros for 8 days and 7 nights per Marsa Alam on the Red Sea in Egypt, with tour operators EDEN VIAGGI. The real price is much more (875 euros), adding fees, fuel, operation practice, seen for Egypt and the flight sfortunatissimo required for us Sardinians Cagliari - Roma. Sfortunatissimo say why the flight is the most painful and negative of the trip. A few days after departure, the agency is calling us to warn that times have changed: a tragedy for our users. This changes the girl's tickets Cagliari - Rome for the morning of April 17 with the flight of 7:00 am, with the only remaining seats available. The flight to Marsa Alam hand to 17.30, which means a full day spent waiting at the airport ... It is not over! The flight to Egypt in fact makes first stop in Milan Malpensa. But how, from Rome to Milan to go up before falling down on the Red Sea? To know that we took directly Cagliari - Milan is not it? A paradoxical situation, with the Romans themselves agitated and frustrated with this nonsense at Malpensa airport. And we who come from Sardinia and we have done hours and hours of waiting we have to say then? Stewart of the explanations are clear and unambiguous: you want the package from 500 euro? beccatevi this flight that makes the rounds to all! It 'just because you save on an aircraft that you pull on the price, otherwise the package you paid 1000 euro .... so enough with the controversy and think about this trip: our first stop in Africa!
At 20.00 we are still in Milan, where the plane go down and to allow cleaning the aircraft which is not really in good conditions. 13 hours of travel and we are still in Italy: Congratulations! Finally take off at 20.30 to Marsa Alam with our Blue Panorama and after four hours accurate landed in Egypt. E 'l'withdraw when a past baggage and strive to formalities for entry with a passport and completed form in the air.
Meet our group of assistants EDEN VIAGGI, that lead us into the bus after leaving a bit of expectation towards our hotel, the BLUE REEF. Just over half an hour and arrive at your destination. The welcome cocktail, the check-in, some quick explanations on what to do (all speak Italian) and we go to bed at 4 in the night. But it is not yet over: we deliver the keys of the room, the remote, the orange bracelet to the village, but once in the room there is an unpleasant odor in the bathroom and we have no hairdryer. Ahi ahi, mi tocca return to reception to ask and without having the slightest idea of why not put directly into the room ... It only remains to finally go to sleep: the rest are just standing by 22 hours, virtually the same time that we used to go to the United States. Except that here we are in the house!
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Beach and snorkelling. Guided tour to El Quseir

At 11 we all come together on the beach to take our first sun. The sand is not much that needs to be honest, it's a little doughy, coarse and yellow typical of the desert say, as she had expected. The sea is spectacular, and not lose a second for my first exploration. Adding to the group that is formed on the banks for the free mini-tour, I follow the guy in charge of the diving mask and fins to a guided snorkelling on beautiful coral reefs. It 'a very good walk to get to the bottom. I state that Blue Reef has no jetty, and to overcome the barrier must walk about 200 meters (and it takes no less than ten minutes!) Up to two red flags. From here you can leave your shoes, not to be useful for male with corals (I still have the shoes of such changes and should be equally well), wear mask and fins and dive to overcome, after a few tens of meters, the following barrier the string that indicates the path easier. The show is guaranteed: the water is clear and corals exceptional, absolutely untouched, unspoiled and varied colors. The blue coral is found in is what gives the name of the hotel (Blue Reef in fact). Unlike the Maldives, however (at least, I speak of Bandos, where I was), so the water is more clear but cold and coral are so much more beautiful but there is a lot less fish (though the samples are larger ). The schools that met in those parts just do not exist here. However, the underwater world is always a marvel to see and explore! The guide explains some things, including not to do that to stand on or touch corals (especially those called "fire", extremely sharp and irritating). Features are the pink jellyfish quatrefoil, very present in this sea, but nothing dangerous. It did not even bite, we shall take a nicely on hand (seems silicone). You see many examples of a surgeon fish and parrot fish of considerable size, several trombetta fish, fish ball, butterfly and leaf spring. After forty minutes we start to get seriously cold, and so we return to shore, always accompanied dall'istruttore diving.
E 'already time for lunch, but before I sit at the table and Ste book our excursion in the afternoon in El Quseir for € 20 per person. The lunch buffet is held in the restaurant and includes everything: a table for appetizers and salads, another for desserts and fruits, and another long bench for the first and second. Not missing anything, not even the hunger for sure.
At 15 o'clock we are at the reception to wait for the bus for our trip. We are a nice group of people. The departure is on time and begin the hike along the ground in the sea road that crosses the Red Sea from south to north along this stretch to Hurgada. El queso is roughly half way, about 130 km from the latter and 120 Km from Marsa Alam. I am an hour and a half trip. Meanwhile, the landscape shows its basic characteristics from early kilometers: rocky desert on one side, sea blue hue of two dominant (heavenly clear and deep blue where the reef ends) on the other. In the middle, barely a few tourist village under construction. Hotels operating at this time are not many, the most famous are undoubtedly the Venta Club (just to the south of ours), the Vera Club Kharamana and a little further north. They are all on the beach and of course there is still the issue "third" and "fourth" row that mass tourism has led to Sharm. Marsa Alam is still a place untouched and a beginner, but will last very little. From all sides we see a short distance from each other and work on construction sites: born soon many villages below one another. Instead of local villages, I intend to Egyptian homes, we do not see the shadow if not near the airport are the apartments of those who work in the area, explains our guide of the Egyptian name "Amadeus". As well explained that the Egyptian government does not sell this tract of land to build homes only for tourism, which is why so much concentration of hotels along the coast.
Finally arrive at their destination and we have the opportunity to glimpse flashes of Egyptian life in the streets, to stop near a street teeming with shops and stalls. Markets are one of the reasons why it is precisely the famous El Quseir. Amedeo gives tips to not take big cheat. The earliest of all is the most known: treat at all, for a minimum 30-40%. In a few square meters are concentrated so many very beautiful and manufactures a wide range of souvenirs that you can not resist. Just outside the shop we see a girl watching us curious, but at the same modest from above a wall of his home, surrounded by brightly colored towels. We are truly in another world and there is nothing that can compare to our European lifestyle. Amedeo says, inter alia, that the veil and the obligation to remain covered for the girls is not a custom set for them but not to cause the temptations of man, because their religion prohibits sexual relations before marriage .
The next stop is a visit to an old phosphate plant, which is now disused. It sounds like a ghost town to the old west. Huts and houses in ruins characterize what was a thriving colony of Italy some time ago. The only exception is for the small church that still carries his religious duties for the few Christians in the area: it is better to say "A cathedral in the desert!". We move on the port and the beach to drink the characteristic red sorrel drink while someone takes advantage of it instead to try to "smoke" a typical case where the steam comes out that looks like a candelabra which are not quite understand the name. Later stop at the mosque, but we can not see from the inside.
The excursion ends with a raid at the papyrus shop. First witness to a cultural explanation of how they are created by famous Egyptian artefacts, so strong and flexible at the same time, and then dedicate ourselves to choose what best suits our tastes across calm. A nice guy approaches me and immediately Ste with the most disparate. After long negotiations, we take away two papyri with our name and astrological sign, with a beautiful sunset painted the desert on dark brown paper (it is more valuable and requires exactly twice the processing of the yellow normal), another with the figure of Cat and another given to the key of life, plus various relics such as magnets and beetles luck. As the first day of shopping we ruined ....
Return to the Blue Reef for 20.30, just in time for dinner. A walk through the village, well lit and suggestive as today, to enjoy the excellent mango juice distributed at all hours at the bar, and you go to sleep.
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Eden Bay. Camel tour in the desert

At 10 o'clock we take the shuttle from the Blue Reef all'Eden Bay free port, in just ten minutes. This beach is for the exclusive use of and has characteristics completely different. Meanwhile, it is totally deserted, not only for the fact that there are four tourists counted dell'Eden village around but because there is no structure and construction with the exception of the tent camp two Egyptians who are there to control the tourists and trying to sell something . Among other things, is the only point in the shade and sheltered behind the beach because there is only one tree, but often only a few low bushes. The sand is too coarse and rocky desert. The panorama of the "nothing" until around the horizon is very impressive, but the main feature is the contrast deadly, after the 11, between the yellow (which is white with blinding sunlight that is reflected very strong) and l ' blue of the Red Sea, a wonderful vision! Unfortunately the water is cold and not move and entice a swim today. This should be an excellent starting point for snorkelling as the coral reef breaks in the middle of the bay coming up to shore, which means an entry into the water much easier and immediate than the beach of Blue Reef.
We leave our towels in the middle of the bay, certainly visible from miles away because they are the only ones with a nice pair of Italian boys, always tourists in our hotel (could not be otherwise), with which we have un po 'di conversation. They too have come here to try a bit of tranquility, without animation, music and other people. We walk towards the south (to the right of the bay) till you reach the rocks, seeing the giant crabs that rintanano to our passage in the sand. A very painful case note the dirt a few meters inland behind the beach. Since the bushes for several tens of meters, there is a sort of shabby immondezzaio seemingly inexplicable: Where do the waste if there is nothing around? not by tourists, at least not only, because there are also large and heavy waste. Reminds me of some Sardinian beach on the west coast in winter, where the sea sometimes lead waste from Spain. Fortunately, at least we cleaned before the tourist season! And in any case here in the Red Sea there are storm surges and the water is clean. Let the mystery behind this and instead go for a walk across the bay, passing a rocky stretch and ending in a small cove, the best view so far. Finally, we return to our towels to take some well deserved sun until noon, when the shuttle back to the Blue Reef. But before we make any purchase from the tent-shop dell'egiziano: a t-shirt high cotton for just 5 euro you can not let it get away like that.
Once at the hotel, we are still a bit on the beach and lunch buffet. At 16 we're ready for the reception imperdibile Tour Camel (cost 40 euro per person). Three off-road vehicles are equipped to take and start a fun run in the desert rock lifting quintals of powder and dancing on a longer shock, I can not! The drivers are a little excited and play to overtake and make sbruffoni. Next to us, we are witnessing a scene from the manual where the driver of the jeep down by half, leaving the steering wheel and grabbed at running for a few seconds, under the gaze of the poor desperate tourists astounding!
After a few kilometers we are now embarked in the desert with no sign of civilization. We reach the point of the camel, where a large group of dromedaries (with a hump in fact) is waiting for us with his bosses. Call camel although dromedaries are in reality because the Egyptians do not distinguish between the two races. In their language there is a secondary and camels are all enough. So says our guide in Egypt today, a nice guy who is calling Valentino and that speaks very well the Italian while not ever been in our country. The climb on the dromedary is quite funny and when we are all ready we start our voyage, following a sort of deep canyons and at times the most narrow and high. The landscape is as thin as fascinating to find a tree or a bush that can live with this temperature and water scarcity is an event that leaves almost open-mouthed. I am the last column (dromedaries are linked together in single file) and so I have to take some fun photos of the "camel" taking all those ahead of me from the coil. After nearly an hour in the back of this beautiful animal (which contrary to what I was told not stink at all and is more comfortable journey on horseback), we arrive at its destination in a huge panorama from the plateau where you can see the whole grandeur of the desert.
Here our off-road we take to arrive, after some more adventurous km, around a well of water. To view it seems only a hole in which a dozen meters of depth there is a reflection of the water. But here in the desert this hole is a miracle and the only source of life for the Bedouins. Valentino makes a careful and lengthy explanation of their nomadic life going the characteristic traits and history. It strikes me that the blessing of water is responsible for dromedaries is they that are staying at the proper locations where the "feel". The man just needs to dig, and if you are lucky enough 6-7 meters, which become rather 20-25 at worst. The water well is found naturally undrinkable for us civilized, but also for the Egyptians themselves. Only the Bedouin have developed their physical with appropriate antibodies in order to drink.
And for a test, we move even with off-road until you come to a real camp of these amazing people in the desert. In fact we speak of a single family: the curtains are just two, one of the first wife and one of the second. One of them is preparing the bread sitting on a table of stone. It 'very young and very shy, and is a bit embarrassing photograph: not insist so much and we limit ourselves to see how life can exist in this place so harsh and hard. All around the desert is immense, overwhelming, so essential and yet indescribable in words.
Valentino invites us to drink hot tea with mint with the owner and a handful of Egyptians of the place. We sit in a semicircle and listen to some music and history. It is also offered coffee, which appears to have significant effects aphrodisiac for the man (just kidding people call coffee-viagra). Now conclude the evening at sunset (but do not see why cloudy, unusual event in the desert) dancing together all the strange songs sung by Valentino and played with a traditional instrument from another Egyptian. A gesture so simple but engaging and exciting at the same time: a beautiful and unforgettable!
During the return to the hotel, almost dark, I am struck again by how to drive the Egyptians. The lights are used very little, as little as possible, disturbing the view seems to be the explanation. So, until pesto is dark, not light up but you never use the arrow keys only when you cross other means. Those are flashing on the left, overlooking the inner side of the lane, so that the vehicle has come to meet a reference point on the track of the physical space occupied by the medium. Yet I had never seen anything of the sort.
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Sea and snorkelling

We dedicate today to relax: no trips but only sun, sand, sea, and snorkelling. After breakfast of the 8 and a half, we are a couple of hours in the pool and enter the water with mask and fins ready for photographing the beautiful underwater world. E 'stata una vera straight bring the shoes of the changes, which can easily walk the whole stretch of sea to reach the red flags. The water temperature today is much more we can stay warm and to swim for over an hour. As you enter notice immediately with a nice stroke of luck for a very large turtle, which is quietly juggling 6-7 meters below us. The follow for a few minutes in its elegance: lovely! Continuing across the various species more frequent in this habitat, such as surgeon fish, butterfly, eastern azzannata, crossbow, and so going trombetta below. It strikes me rather race maculata, which still did not know. It is quiet inside the barrier, where the depth is about one meter but varies greatly because of it and real caves and tunnels dug into the seabed: a very charming and suggestive, just twenty minutes of swimming on right of the flags. Stupendi also corals, perfectly intact and vibrant colors. In addition to blue, is very common to fire flakes. A rare and beautiful specimen is that a form of green algae.
Finished snorkelling you go to eat and then again in the afternoon sun and relax by the pool. Here you are well, and is perhaps the most beautiful of the whole village. The bar has vending machines and serves snacks at different times (including, very good, the pancakes made with chocolate or white with the classic nutella). Beyond the walls of the village can be seen in an Egyptian beach with dromedaries and a donkey, hoping to convince some tourists to take a trip to an expensive price.
After another memorable snorkelling, take a walk on the bay until the next village, always Italian, sadly noting again that, just outside the walls of the hotel (just off I mean a meter), the beach is totally shabby. That should be good to leave it untouched, if it were not for the waste scattered everywhere. This seems an incredible paradox because, although these posts are aimed at a policy where the customer remains solely in the village (also because there is virtually out of nothing, no services or shops etc.), Is patently foolish to think that a Tourists do not see or do not notice that a meter away from the paradise is over and the arrival of the waste squalor of civilization. Possible that a hotel really adopt a policy so insensitive to think "my beach, I think, the rest is not my business", even if it is to a meter from my walls? I am not talking about criticizing either the Eden village in the most absolute, because here is a generic speech that applies to all villages. And this is perhaps the most disappointing side saw the Red Sea (at least of Marsa Alam), because you are truly a paradise lost in a trivial but crucial subtlety that is ugly to be seen and not just disturb the souls of any person having a minimum of environmental awareness. Enough so little to reach agreement and keep the bay clean ... however I do not want to dwell too much on this topic, because I am not aware of internal policies and also because I'm talking about a situation seen in the few days that I do not know whether it is sustained throughout the year. Sure, I can not deny that I see these things in mind is that the Maldives are on a different planet for environmental issues: being the whole of the island, is not a single paper bag on the floor and even to seek it if you throw on purpose, which is mathematically the next day it will no longer be there.
At the end of the walk, we return all'Eden, dinner, and withdraw the development of the first film shot with the camera underwater. The print quality is excellent but the price of 13 euros exaggerated ... In any case, the photos do not render justice to the colors and static to the wonders of the coral reef, this is a fact!
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Guided tour in Luxor: Karnak temple, Memnon Colosses, Kings' Valley, Luxor temple

It starts at 5 o'clock and a half. We follow the coast road northwards to arrive after an hour, and dawn, in El Quseir. Here we gather in a spectacular and impressive in a huge yard with dozens and dozens of buses from all over the area. The aim is to wait for the police escort to cross the approximately 250 kilometers of desert, it is absolutely necessary for the various safety reasons. After a half hour, finally the stream of bus departs from the most desperate: there are those who cut the road, over whom no apparent reason (to go where? At El questions we are aligned on the main This road crosses the high desert of Egypt. Halfway around the trail, stop everyone in the motorway which is located in this street, and street scenes with other outstanding coach in the fourth and fifth row and hundreds of people who poured suddenly in a yard a few seconds before the desert (in the literal sense of the word). Among other things, not just keep in mind what his coach and his position, to find him in the back ... half all'autogrill an Egyptian child with a dromedary is ready to be photographed for a coin, while the bars and shops full of tourists.
Let us go after a half hour break. I must admit that during the trip is well clear explanation of Amedeo, our guide today (the same that we have Monday in El Quseir in the half-day tour), the definition of "desert rock", characteristic of the area east Arabian (right side of the Nile), as opposed to the "sandy desert" is the classic with the Sahara dunes (on the left side of the Nile). After several hours, finally, the landscape changes and suddenly, from nowhere, are green and cultivated fields with water, palm trees, lush vegetation everywhere: the miracle of the Nile is at the door! It 'exciting and fascinating to think that this is truly the cradle of civilization, born thanks to fertility of this eternal and long river that continues to give life. We another sixty miles, following the banks of the Nile, passing through local villages and flashes of Egyptian life of any kind, until we come to 11 and half hours at both famous Luxor.
Our first visit is the Temple of Karnak, a giant millennium considered the largest religious temple ever built by man. The entrance is majestic as the wonders that follow each other with our eyes: the gigantic columns, the obelisk, statues, all covered with thousands of hieroglyphics that tell the story of a great nation that still retains the mysteries and history merged together to mythology. The sore points are the sweltering heat of 40 degrees in the shade (from being really bad - impossible without a hat, umbrella or parasol) and the significant amount of tourists that ruin the atmosphere a little magic of the place: especially the shots of the photos! ! Obviously you can not ask too much ... to get a handle on the crowd, shouting his Amedeo signal recognition: "Jallakabibi?" (which siginifca: "ready?"), and we respond enthusiastic: "Jalla! Jalla!" (which siginifica: "Let's go!"). Fortunately, the stick also has speech recognition and is also always placed in the shade for the explanations, so that any one of us collapses to the ground unconscious from the heat ... in fact, someone from our group has a slight discomfort and is forced to sit on a low wall to recover.
After visiting the bus to come back after a few kilometers will stop at a yard where you can admire the Colossi of Memnon, two giant statues with a beautiful backdrop to the rocky desert which contrasts with the green fields of the Nile. A few photos of ritual and we move in a papyrus shop, where we have twenty minutes to hear the explanations and make some purchase. It made the 14 and we go to a nice restaurant for lunch. It 's a buffet for an unlimited flow rates, except for beverages that are to be paid separately and not included in the tour. Eat discreetly, but in fact the kitchen is not very different from that dell'Eden, where indeed there is a greater choice of restaurants.
At 15 o'clock we arrived in a small village by the Egyptian construction painted (and some 'ruins to tell the truth) on the slopes of the desert. Here we enter into a souvenir shop, where craftsmen work outside of the vases in alabaster. Ste and I have already bought a lot in recent days, and then we wait to leave out not to have to heel the Egyptian who usually try to sell the impossible with the most varied. Nothing could be further from the truth, because outside is much worse than in! The children arrive in mass moving his finger to his mouth in the act of giving them something to eat, or alternatively a few euros for charity. How do you remain in front of these scenes? They can not give money at all, (give the money in my opinion is always a criticism in some respects), we opt for the good of our packages give morning-breakfast at hotel. We do not need much for sure, while they seem to appreciate not hesitate one second that our small gesture. Fortunately, some tourists follow our example (but not all unfortunately), able to satisfy almost all the children of the neighborhood.
The next step is nothing less than the Valley of the Kings, another incredible place surrounded by fascinating stories millenarians. Upon arrival we are in a yard at the foot of the valley, which is even more deserted desert itself. The heat has peaked, with a hot wind that comes from inside and the sun beats mercilessly tremendously. I am not surprised to see not a single life form (except for boring flies) for all my visual horizon: not a single bush of grass! To get near the Pharaonic tombs, take a nice colorful toy train. The route is perhaps just two hundred meters, but made up with this temperature would get exhausted even before the visit. Ours, to visit, provides the entrance to three tombs. There are others, like that of Tutankamen, including but not on this tour you can visit paid as extra. I do not it is worth, if you are not real lovers of Egyptian history. The tombs are in fact more or less all similar and consist of a tunnel dug under the mountain covered with writings and drawings, leading to the sarcophagus of the pharaoh. Although at times very damaged, the hieroglyphics are impressive, although it is somewhat difficult to appreciate for the row of people and the suffocating heat that, in the mountains, gallery of indoor and without a wisp of wind, seems even more unbearable. Meanwhile Amedeo continues to cry out with the ritual "Jallakabibi" but our "Jalla-Jalla is increasingly damped and dull! Back to the bus we trimmed down the street something as wind on a postcard (of pitiful quality anyway) and a map of the Nile always at the same price.
We must cross this legendary river with a boat to return to our bus, that which is a tragi-comic scene of strong emotional impact. To begin, during the first few meters of climbing sul'imbarcazione, we are again surrounded by children asking for alms, while adults are approaching the greatest urge to sell something at all costs.

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Guided snorkeling searching for Dugongs

After breakfast we go to the diving equipment bag with mask, fins and camera. We have booked the Tour dugong, or a guided snorkelling in search of this characteristic animal that lives in the area was now sadly alone. Sensing images from the resounding similarity seen with the manatee in Florida, and in fact is the same animal that differs only in the rear fin and other small details. The cost of the tour is 20 euros per head. As the dugong an animal totally free is not always guaranteed to be able to see, but this is a risk that is acceptable to pay for not observing instead locked up somewhere no? We are nine people in all and climb aboard a bus (a bit tight), which leads after 10 km north of our village, the beach of Kharamana and Vera Club In fact the latter has exclusive rights to only one leg, and uses it exactly like the Eden Bay to the Blue Reef: is there a free shuttle that takes guests from the Vera Club in this cove as an alternative to the main. I must admit that the beach is more beautiful than the Blue Reef. Meanwhile, the sand is fine and white and the bay is much larger, leaving spaces between umbrellas and deck chairs without giving the feeling of crowding. It 'very popular (the opposite dell'Eden Bay where there is none!) Mainly from snorkel that, like us, are certainly looking for the dugong. Seaside however there is nothing to say, is beautiful and crystal clear everywhere in this area!
It gives some explanation about possible sightings on the course and we will do. The entry is easy because, just like at Eden Bay, the barrier opens up to the shore. The water is warm enough even though occasionally some frost arrives, depending on the currents. We follow a trend parallel to the coast, sighted the typical "guitar fish" and some hesitation, more than the classic fish of coral reefs, and then cut toward the opposite side of the bay, crossing the wide sandy bottom with a depth exceeding 10 meters where a growing poseidonia. And 'this fact, the primary food of the dugong. We a few meters from each other to get more visibility and tend an ear to hear if others can snorkell nell'avvistamento before us. We come to the end of the bay where the barrier again resumed, and then back again on the sandy bottom. But no trace of the dugong. Among other things, on the sandy bottom you do not see practically nothing, since the concentration of fish is on the corals. We were unlucky! Pity, because those of diving have seen both times it went last week with another group. We can not deny being a little disappointed, although on balance we have seen another beach and did a nice swim.
Return to 13 for lunch and remain in the pool to sunbathe. Around 16 we go to sea for another snorkelling in front of the Blue Reef. The usual long walk to the red flags, that evening, with the high tide, you could do to swim faster. Another hour of the marvels of the Red Sea and return to the shore where the water has a temperature tonight disproportionately high! E 'incredibile, seems to get into a hot bath at the spa just like how not to remain a soak in the broth?
The evening we surprised by the time cloudy, which forces our assistant Cristina to communicate the cancellation of abstraction Tour, a trip into the desert to see the stars at night. Hopefully we can do at least tomorrow.
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An extraordinary event: the rain in the desert!

Barely awake, we realize that today does not promise anything good. From the balcony of our room, the sky is more threatening than ever, and heavy Nuvoloni gather above our heads while we go to breakfast. In men who do not tell you that down the deluge, combined with strong winds from the desert, took a truly apocalyptic vision! Some of Egypt begins to shout: 'It is the end of the world! E' reached the end of the world. " You will be frightened poor, after all the rain they are very rarely come see us at Cagliari snow. Someone says that it even rained for ten years, so we are in fact witnessing an extraordinary event! Conversely, given that we are on holiday in the sun in the Red Sea and the rain, we know well at home, does not go so well mica! Remain locked in a room for a few hours and when the rain stops we walk to the beach to see the situation. The strong wind brings brown clouds and fog by almost seem to be under a storm of sand and the sea withdrew tremendamente: you can see the puddles of water for tens of meters that create an infinite bath towel on which a few tourists walking, not can do no other. Viewed in that light can not but come to think of a pre-tsunami situation that hundreds of thousands of people have lived through December 26 of 2004. Fortunately, here we are in the Red Sea and the thought of tragedy touches us only for a moment. Among other things, beyond the barrier you can see the foam and the sea is rough, however, that prevent you to go on a snorkelling. And the swimming pool area is a quagmire, even if the players are putting in the sixth fast drying and cleaning the deck chairs. Not only have to wait for lunch with a little patience. In the meantime, give a tip to data with the Egyptian Lauta of our room. In addition to clean it very well indeed, every day makes us find funny and original compositions on the bed as swans and turtles. Today, he wrote: "Hello" using the towels, the remote control and a scarab mascot for the dot on "i".
Spend the afternoon in the pool always cloudy sky and into the 17, tired of being still, try a walk on the bay, jetty curious that you see in the little village of more than ours. In reality, it is under construction and not yet accessible. Going further and passed a few hotels, there is another wharf: the Venta Club This hotel is much bigger and spacious dell'Eden and frankly seems much better. Meanwhile, the beach is bigger and umbrellas are wider and treated, giving a greater sense of intimacy. Moreover, it is totally separate from the pool area which is much earlier, avoiding conflicts of music and activities such as sometimes happens at Blue Reef. The pier is also a huge comfort. Although before leaving if I thought they could safely do without, I recognize that it is essential especially on days of wind and rough sea today. Reaching beyond the barrier in fact where the water is deep, you skip all the annoying waves that make it impossible to enter on foot as all'Eden village. And there is indeed some evidence that you snorkell swimming (with caution, because in the long run bad and the sea is not joking, but just stay close to the pier and at least it was safe to swim in and out immediately in case of deterioration).
We return to our hotel after a long walk and dinner at 19.30 (evening by candlelight, being the last day, the buffet has prepared something special!) In the hope that at least now you can tour the star groped as the sky is a little opening. Unfortunately, the cancellation is final, however: too much moisture, mist and full moon are not in agreement. Then drowned our sorrow in the shopping, buying souvenirs from the last Nino, a great craftsman who made custom designs of colored sand in bottles of glass, with a surgical precision.
Instead we go to 22 in the amphitheater to watch the spectacular closing animation that created the jokes funny skits, dances and music along with children and guests of the village. E 'a special event for the animation chief, who today concluded his career with a poem very moving and touching. Life changes completely: now goes to the manager of an hotel in Sharm (beh. .. he is not gone then I feel so bad!).
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Illness because of intestinal infection. Return flight Marsa Alam - Rome via Sharm

Awake by 7 and a half, starting the day with the strongest stomach cramps. During the morning the pain increased and are likely to be unable even to stand for the nausea. Having starting tonight at 19 then starts to become a nightmare. Before lunch I fever rises to 38 and so we are forced to call the doctor's. E 'Egyptian but fortunately has an assistant who is a liaison. After several explanations about the pain, I prepare two bites of which dolorosissima for me to get off quickly and a fever for the cramps. I recommend that you eat plenty of fruit and drink hot tea with lemon. Finally gives me three different medications for nausea, cramps and diarrhea. Everything for the "modest" sum of 62 euros .... urka are paying the doctors in the village eh? After a couple of hours down the fever but the cramps continue undeterred me without a second of respite. A good intestinal infection is what we want to conclude by schifo a nice trip.
Ste ago while all the preparations, to 18.30 are still immobilized in bed thinking about how I can survive the return trip that includes the night at the airport in Rome ... 19 to leave the room and go into a restaurant for dinner. Needless to say, do not eat hardly anything, just a bit of fruit as recommended by your doctor. The long awaited date for the bus at the airport and once you are with this devastating tummy and nausea that they barely stay in one position, more than ever on their feet. Difficult to find the cause, but I do not see other victims among tourists departing. In all likelihood, doing two calculations, I would say that guilt is washed dell'insalata probably wrong. As at the hotel we have said that this was a "legend" and all the water is properly disinfected, the fact remains that the infection came to me the same and I was too naive to trust. A mistake that, given this terrible experience, do not commit anymore: this is little but safe!
To 21.30 from the flight to Rome with a stopover in Sharm after 40 minutes. Fortunately, at least not make us get off the aircraft. The stopover in Sharm serve only for two passengers on board and to begin the holidays with those who come from Italy. They, like us to same, made a ridiculous call on first down to Marsa Alam Sharm tell .... without words!
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Flight Rome - Cagliari

We arrive in Rome at 4 am. Hurry entry formalities, collect your luggage and trying to find a place among the benches to spend the night. More or less to 5, the pain of strong stomach cramps to pass me at all. For me it is paradise, joy complete. Without pain goes all in the background: the delay of the trip, the problems I had with the camera, the day lost to bad weather and lost for the sick, the long night thrown in Rome waiting for the flight of the 11 to Cagliari (because one of the 8 - great - it was deleted - very lucky I have to say on this holiday). It 'really true that health comes before everything!
After several hot tea and a croissant, finally return home very reliable. Well ... at least I can say that he had suffered the so-called "Mal d'Africa", although it is not exactly what is meant by this term ...
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