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Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam, Hurghada

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Marsa Alam

Località: Marsa Alam, Hurghada
Regione: Red Sea
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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Holidays in Marsa Alam, Red Sea 21 / 28 March 2004

By plane from Verona stay at the village Veraclub Elphistone, tour operator travel agency Veratour: Travel Buonconsiglio Trento

Marsa Alam is located on the Red Sea to the south of Hurgada better known, not far from the border with Sudan, and is the latest holiday news on the Red Sea.
After the opening of the international airport were stepped up the yards along the coast and this suggests that within a few years become as Sharm el Sheik and Hurgada or better advantage just before the mass tourism of the final ruin.
The temperature is not high as in Sharm el Sheik, with very little moisture, the entire area is constantly beaten by the wind and the heat there is not much.
From Marsa Alam you can make many interesting excursions, especially for those who have never been in the desert.
Some are challenging and require all day others last half-day or even a couple of hours.
You can "raid" led into the desert, with motorcycles with four wheels or with the jeep, to organize a night tour astrological consisting of a hike in the desert and Judah shows the most beautiful constellations visible in the latitude.
You can visit the town of Marsa Alam El than to questions, in fact there is not much to see because they are fishing villages, where you have to decide what to sacrifice excursions are expensive because these two are the best candidate.
Among the most challenging is the visit to Luxor, lasts all day and we start very early in the morning, it's hard but if you do not have plans to do a cruise on the Nile may be a good opportunity to see the vestiges of ' ancient Egypt.

the sea
The coast of Marsa Alam is subject to the phenomenon of the tides that cause a change in the level of depth. This leads, to a few tens of water to about one hundred meters from the beach, and makes it possible to reach the barrier on foot ... conversely, you may not use the canoe ... Veratour has prepared a free shuttle service to reach the nearby beach of Abu Dabab Always swim where a simple snorkelling equipment you can admire the splendid sea.

Opened in March 2002, the Veraclub Elpisthone, is directly on the sea, consisting of a central body from which the sides are developing two semicircular ale, which are complex to assume a characteristic form a horseshoe.
At the heart of this provision, there are the pools, the square, the theater, the various services, and gently down to the beach, fields of bocce, soccer volleyball, etc..
Part of the village is still under construction, but the yard, not the least disturb your stay.
On the beach, wide and sandy and in 'the pool area, there are sunbeds, umbrellas and beach towels free of charge,
The village has two restaurants. In both, the cuisine is supervised by shef Italian coaudiuvati well by Egyptian personnel.
The principal, offers breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, the second in which you eat only fish, only open for dinner, welcomes about 50 people, so you must book the day before the meal. (Table service).
In both, large choice of dishes for every palate, ending with so many great desserts.
Different times of day are accompanied by snacks and appetizers, at the pool bar, pizza and crepes.
A fully equipped diving center, fitness center, 2 swimming pools (one of which is heated), general store, theater for evening shows, disco.
Entertainment and sports
The animation team of Italian is always present and available for any eventuality, the 'arrival at the airport until departure, are the numerous sporting events throughout the day.
Games, tournaments, dance lessons, evening shows (cabaret, games, comedy, folklore) and
Evening entertainment at the theater, and finally evening in a disco.
In the All Inclusive formula includes the following activities: canoeing (courses, competitions and free use), beach tennis (tournaments and games), football (grass field), beach volleyball (tournaments and matches), archery (courses and tournaments), step, aqua gym, aerobic gymnastics, water polo, bowling, darts, ping-pong. In charge: billiards, snorkelling and diving courses and dives

our stay
Dedicated exclusively to relax .... to break the 'winter that this year we seem never to end ...
All 'arrival at Marsa Alam, remained mum immediately struck by the strong breeze blowing from the northern quadrant ... most concerned about the temperature not high .... later, we realized that the 'initial discomfort was unwarranted, because the wind almost always present, did not bother, and indeed in the central hours of the day when l' insolation reaches its maximum, gave relief ...
All the umbrellas on the beach that has a pool, are equipped with screens windbreaks, and moving the beds as a result ... you can "adjust" the ambient temperature ...
Near 'Elphistone ... excluding a second village, not far .... only the desert and the sea ....

We found very good all 'Ephistone, the days have passed pleasantly serene and smooth, we relaxed and tanned ...


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