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the unforgettable view of the barrier reef at Marsa Alam, Egypt


la barriera di Marsa Alam dall'alto
la barriera di Marsa Alam dall'alto
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the unforgettable view of the barrier reef at Marsa Alam, Egypt

Località: MARSA ALAM
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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MARSA ALAM is situated along the eastern coast of Egypt, about 250 km from Hurghada. And 'the less touristy area of Egypt and that is also the most intact and wild, from the coral reefs of the most beautiful in the world.
We left me and my husband Roberto on 1 May 2004 from Bologna, and after a flight of 4 hours and a half we arrived at the airport of MARSA ALAM, where a shuttle to bring us to our hotel selected, the Bravo Club, which is 5 km from the airport. The hotel is located in a stretch of coastline between the most beautiful of the area. Has a wide beach with direct access to the sea in the middle, so ideal for families with children and the coral reef that extends up to the shore. It also has a pier that allows entry into the water beyond the reef and from which you can admire the beautiful colors of coral and fish of this area.
The beach is equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and screen. The structure of the Bravo Club is wonderful, composed of elegant reception in style with beautiful Nubian Language furnished sitting rooms. On the side there are various souvenir shops and handicrafts typical where you will be practically dragged in by the managers, skilled vendors with whom you must negotiate. Are on sale beautiful Narghile many sizes and many colors that we did not escape the facts and that decorate our living room into an altogether ... .. Bedouin! E 'a tower which was originally a local Bedouin and where you can spend the evening drinking tea and smoking the Narghile. The atmosphere here is really relaxing and really allows you to feel in Egypt. The rooms are built off the reception and are spacious and clean. The pool is great as usual but we have not a kindly look, we had better things to do! The restaurant is great and all day menu offers various buffet. Very good evening with Egyptian specialty, really good. The hotel offers the All Inclusive formula which is a unique comfort and makes it possible to eat in the main restaurant and pizzeria in the pool. At the edge of the snack-pizzeria was an Egyptian who prepared the bread, very similar to our piadina, really delicious!
The animation is very diverse and we have so much fun, the boys of Bravo are beautiful and not insistent. Organized games and lots of dance classes that begin in the morning and end the evening and continue with shows in the theater really fun and dancing Egyptian. Findings that more positive to Bravo Club for organizing the kitchen, the location and construction of the hotel.
We have attended to more intensive Awlad to Baraka, which is located 80 km. from our village. This is a beautiful bay with a beautiful coral reef. With ribs we loaded up the beach and we have downloaded off from where we started our round-snorkelling to see the wonders of the reef. We started in 10 and after 2 hours of swimming we arrived at 3 am, my husband and driving. The others were loaded along the way by raft. We do not want to miss even a moment of wonder and we arrived exhausted to swim to the beach the other side. After that we had lunch in a restaurant on board the German area where we ate quite well. After lunch they took us to another beach in Abu Dabab not far away, where you can spot the dugong us that x remained only a legend. We spent the afternoon here.
Another excursion that we took part was the engines in the desert fun with the quad.
We started in the early afternoon and we returned around 11 pm. The desert is rocky and offers wonderful views of unspoilt countryside, offering an incomparable peace. We arrived at a Bedouin village where the poor village women cook the bread and selling spices. We did a tour on camel, very funny. We climbed on top of a hill and we waited for the sunset in the desert all in silence. The colors of the sun on hot desert tones and take the whole wrap in this atmosphere of another era. The night has shut down everything and has started the Bedouin dinner, and the autumn, while in the lap of the Narghile! All this surrounded dall'allegria of Egyptian children and we really excited to be there with them.
The return in the dark was fantastic, we have understood what the darkness ... .. at some point the guide stopped, made us turn off the bikes and we did raise his eyes to heaven ... .. incredibly starry ! We stayed a while 'there to admire the spectacle that nature gave us and then we divided the time of our hotel, where we got all dusty! Really full of emotions that this trip and we recommend that you do not miss it for any reason.
In concluding the story, MARSA ALAM advice to those looking for peace and unspoilt places where tourism is not yet time for the Mass and who does not need to put fashion and discos here because outside of the village you will find only the desert!


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