The Village Veraclub Elphistone in Marsa Alam, Egypt. A week of relief in diver's heaven : EGYPT

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The Village Veraclub Elphistone in Marsa Alam, Egypt. A week of relief in diver's heaven

Marsa Alam

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veraclub elphistone
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The Village Veraclub Elphistone in Marsa Alam, Egypt. A week of relief in diver's heaven

Località: Marsa Alam
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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Veratour village in Marsa Alam

Strengths village Veraclub Elphistone

Organization and animation
Cleaning the village and excellent room service
Level hotel rooms with very beautiful veranda
value for money

Weaknesses village Veraclub

reef 500 meters away from the beach
windy climate all year round, smooth sea for possible excursions on the distant reef
food has a fair level, but with improved varieties and sometimes even improved quality
prices of excursions to surprise
snacks to break were non-existent

--------- ------- Impressions

Video veraclub Elphistone

From 27 January to 3 February 2007, I had the opportunity to spend a week at Veraclub Elphistone village in Marsa Alam, tour operators Veratour.
Parties from Verona with Eurofly flight, I have to give a positive opinion to the company's service and the quality of aircraft. The trip was painless, which lasted 4 hours, but that would have led to hot Egypt.

Recently arrived at the International Airport of Marsa Alam around eleven o'clock in the evening, we are greeted by a wind bearing clear signs of Egyptian air and a warm climate and welcoming.

The transfer from the airport to Village took place through a bus that in about 30 minutes brought us into the village Veratour. Once the keys and delivery of suitcases in the room. tips of obligation for a cordial service.

At the village, my first impression was very positive, cleaning, reception and an excellent structure certainly level.

The veraclub Elphistone lies near the sea, far from a pristine coral reef yet, the sandy beach and certainly makes it interesting to couples with children the village, but the remoteness of the barrier certainly prevent many of snorkelling directly from the beach.

The period from January to February is prohibitive for those who thought like me to do snorkeling without WETSUIT, Asthe water is around 21 degrees, low temperatures to stay in water without change or changes.

On balance, however, you can make bathrooms directly from the beach with backdrop that thins out gently, ideal for some.

E 'close and pay € 2 a pier of a nearby village where you can go directly to the end of the reef to admire the marvels submerged Marsa Alam.
? Veratour why not think of making an agreement with the village close to break even this cost?

Speaking of beach are available for all beds, umbrellas and screen, very important for the windy climate of Marsa Alam. Each day also will be delivered clean beach towels.

Speaking of the village, the expectation of a village at the Top was very high reading the reviews also found on the internet, for the most part I agree with the many opinions expressed, even if I have to reset some gaps.

The food that we have offered the first day of the week was very repetitive, and certainly not at a village 5 stars like Veraclub Elphistone. During the end of the week the quality was a little show of first and second. Note positive sweets which were plentiful, varied and high quality, compliments to the chef, who also created statues of so masterly butter also very beautiful.
Lunch, dinner and lunch are buffet, and beverages are available through dispensers.

The list of trips I'd seen on the site Veratour, was different from the list that we have delivered on site the first day with fairly substantial changes on prices. Updating websites believe is a fundamental thing for a tour operator Veratour as always to offer a service to.

The excursions I can advise Marsa Alam. is the visit of Luxor certainly needed to realize the person who works man could build thousands of years ago, and then to see with his own eyes the life outside the villages, in towns near the Nile in that shine a light significantly different from those in the desert.
The guide Mac Mud will discover you and tell you so perfect that you will see everything. 10 and praise him.

Speaking of animation in the village Veraclub Elphistone Veratour, I must say that were good, Max'O village chief was a person really to the occasion. The whole group of animators was very professional, boys really good group to create and animate the entire village with their performance.
Ivan Rossi, Francesco Calabrese and all the others were exceptional to involve everyone, and it is thanks to these leaders that the village and prosperous lives. as they say their attached the burrito! and an appeal to Veratour for a pay rise to them all!

The activities in the village are manifold: they were out in inclusive including canoeing, football field grass (we did a lot very funny), beach volleyball, archery, aqua gym, bowls, aerobics, table tennis, darts. The bowling is pay as diving and diving courses.

There is also a spa, where you can do treatments, massages, relaxing, antistress, bioenergy, shiatsu, ajurvedici but prices are really high, an unpleasant surprise.


Council for the small souvenir! if you buy them in the village Egyptians with their cordiality there sell everything at exorbitant prices, buy at all in confidence after the check in! excellent choice and cheaper prices mooolto

Dives. Being a fan I tried to exploit the stay to make diving in the most beautiful places. Elphistone reef in the first place where I had many expectations for one of the dives that according to divers worldwide was to be one of the 10 most beautiful in the world. My hope of sighting white sharks fin ocenanici longimanus, it vanished when the divemaster told me that the time was right in September, October, November! in fact there is diving have seen only two sharks, a gray and white fin a barrier.
The dives that advice is strongly Salaia: the simplest but in my opinion one of the most beautiful ever, departing from the earth and beautiful barrier.
abu dabab me an excellent second dive, but not exceptional for the visibility (the sea was moved) and to make photographs diving. The strength of abu dabab is the junction with the dugong and sea tartrughe living here exciting.
Elphistone reef certainly the most exciting, the hardest for the duration of the transfer by boat, 1 hour navigation most often with a sea. I assure you that for many, the round-the return was an ordeal.
From absolutely advise the dive! beautiful, but if the sea is moved there may nullify the pleasure of it completely.

Write a diary in greater detail sull'immersione Elphistone reef.


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