Veraclub Elphistone.. Holidays in the real jewel of Marsa Alam, Egypt : EGYPT

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Veraclub Elphistone.. Holidays in the real jewel of Marsa Alam, Egypt

Marsa Alam

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Veraclub Elphistone.. Holidays in the real jewel of Marsa Alam, Egypt

Località: Marsa Alam
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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On March 29 I and my friend, after 4 "inconvenient" hours of flight in an Airbus 320 Eurofly landed in Marsa Alam. Christian at the airport waiting for us one of the boys of the team, we climb aboard a bus in village after half an hour we finally! We are welcomed by the rest of the team and the initials Veraclub notes that accompany us throughout the week. The impression is very good and will not be only an impression because the holiday will be fantastic in all respects.
The village is very nice, the blocks of rooms are arranged in a horseshoe so as to surround the rest of the structure, swimming pools, souvenir shops, spa, hairdresser, amphitheater, beach, resulting little disorganized.
The kitchen in my opinion is good, keep in mind that we are in Egypt! The variety of food is found in both breakfast and lunch and dinner.
The cleaning of rooms and common areas which is good, manicured green spaces and numerous hedges that line the paths.
Access to the sea is directed, is a bit 'hard to swim because even the tides, but walking on the promenade you can find items more easily swim. For lovers of snorkeling there being a jetty to the reef will think back on trips organized by Verasub diving center located inside the structure.
The village is ideal for families with children, as has a beautiful mini club, a bit 'less suitable for those who want a fun holiday night because outside of the villages: only desert!! !
The only drawback for those who are lovers of kite surfing and wind surfing is the wind, which sometimes can be annoying, especially if you like what we accepted the day of our arrival:
palm trees were bent almost 90 degrees ... .. but not afraid, only lasted two days and .... is not always so strong ....
The strength of the holiday was the animation team led by Marco D'Alessio Veraclub that with her children Matthew, Mirko, Alan, Christian, Marina, Christina and Camilla made us entertained with dances, games, activities sports, but especially for the great emotions that gave us every evening with their wonderful performances! Thanks guys I will always carry wonderful memories of you all!!


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