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Travel to Marsa Alam Abo Nawas

Marsa Alam

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Travel to Marsa Alam Abo Nawas

Località: Marsa Alam
Stato: EGYPT (EG)
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Hello everyone I came back Saturday 11 ABI Nawas after two weeks, leave immediately and personally have been two weeks of total relaxation on a beach and a beautiful sea.

Air Travel departure and arrival from Verona:

outbound flight early at 9 am with Air Manphis airport 2 hours and a half divided in Bologna at 12:30 and arrived at about 16 to Marsa Alam. Aparte the two-hour flight to bologna was nice friendly crew.
return flight with Eurofly (a whole other plane very nice) started at 12.40 local time arrived in Verona at 15.50 approx.
My sister came from Bologna Saturday, July 4 Return flight as booked Eurofly Eurofly always with my flight with comfort and has asked to get off at Verona and there was no problem to change as the first stop in Verona volofaceva Bolognacon and then to arrive at 17.00.


I Giaro several villages in the area while I was there and personally I found the most beautiful beach in a lagoon with shallow water safely have two kids of 3 and 6 years who spent all day in mare.c 'is the pier that takes you on the reef very nice I swam with the turtle several times. the evening is very nice to stroll there is almost always a big barracuda hunting under the pier.

Room: Spacious and beautiful wide always very clean, the staff were very friendly and kind as we saw ran to open the door.


could do better there was not much choice of food, however, there was always meat, even the pasta you can eat adapting quite well. This I would say my only flaw of the village.

Diving: Diving is working well the staff is very nice to find the equipment you are always ahead of the point of immersion. Council Elphinstone Reef dive with hammerhead shark made ??of 3 m.


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